Alma Mater is calling her children to come and reminisce the fond memories of the good old school days.

To have a rendezvous with classmates and friends will be possible as now we have a formal alumni association. This is going to be another feather in the cap of your St. Clare’s Sr. Sec. School. You would be definitely proud of your pedigree as you were empowered in this portal of knowledge. You may have a faint memory when as toddlers where you brought by your caring and loving parents and here you got wind beneath your wings to soar fiercely into the horizons. Under this Alumni Association you can come and share your joys and struggles of life, strengthening one another. Like this you will become a beacon to your younger generation at your own St. Clare’s Sr. Sec. School, who will take inspiration from your character. Tell your friends, classmates, batch mates and schoolmates to reconnect and live the joys of your school days that are a vast abyss of little great joys that you have once lived thinking it would never end. Actually it has never ended it lives in you!