Head Boy's Message

As the Head Boy of St. Clare’s Sr. Sec. School, Agra, I am immensely proud to celebrate the remarkable journey of my 12 years in this esteemed institution. St. Clare’s is not just a school; it is a nurturing haven that has sculpted my character and intellect.

Throughout these years, St. Clare’s has consistently upheld its commitment to academic excellence, fostering an environment where curiosity is encouraged, and knowledge is revered. The dedicated educators here have not only imparted wisdom but also instilled values that guide us in life beyond these walls.

However, it’s not just the education, but the sense of belonging and camaraderie that makes St. Clare’s exceptional. The friendships formed and the memories created during my time here are priceless.

As I stand in the role of Head Boy, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities and guidance I’ve received. I am eager to lead and contribute to the legacy of this incredible school, ensuring that future generations experience the same transformative journey that I have.

Thank You

St. Clare’s

Ashish Lawania
(Head Boy)